Monday, 16 February 2015

Divine Calm

I have mentioned it before, but I have problems sleeping. It's mostly down to my back and the overall difficulty in switching off from the day and I've tried all sorts to ease into the land of slumber...
Sleeping tablets from the doctor, roller balls with varying scents of lavender, plenty of almonds and cherries... I've tried various aromatherapy roller balls and mists that contain oils to promote relaxation and sleep and to a certain extent they do the job of aiding me drift off. Whether or not this is a placebo effect - if it get's the job done, right?

On a recent haul, I picked up The Body Shop Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil. I'd figured to knock two birds with one stone so to speak - sooth my aching back (and legs) and still have the soothing scents that help so much in sending me to the land of nod.

I'm finding this a real joy to use - it contains lavender and chamomile essential oils so naturally the scent is a winner for aiding sleep. It's decently moisturising too and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin (although if you have sensitive skin, be wary as I know essential oils can cause flare ups...) and so provides an extra layer of moisturisation for these skin-drying winter months.

So far? Drifting off to sleep has never come easier.



  1. This sounds like it's working so well for you, I'm pleased to hear you've found something that helps you drift off to sleep. I sometimes struggle to get to sleep too - if I have too much buzzing around my head it can be hard to switch off but I find reading and switching off my phone can help xx

    Ioanna |

  2. Yes, I have to switch off my phone and put it away otherwise I'm far too tempted to give in to what's whirling around in my head! :) x


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