Monday, 19 March 2012

back to the norm...

Okay, first of all, hello! i've been at my boyfriends house for the past week whilst my room was being painted (oh so fresh white! so happy!) and i came back home on sunday to move all my furniture back into place and re-organize. 

literally the most organized my room has ever been. it has to be said there is nothing better than a spring clean/purge to make a gal feel a bit better - or is it just me? 

you may be wondering why i have a picture of a white ikea drawer unit today - well, hopefully towards the end of the week, along with some fresh white bedding (my very own white bedding, oh good lord i am so sad...) and a new bin (boring, but essential) i shall be constructing this with my fathers instruction!

which will then be followed by a cheeky vlog, a week or so later when it is all done. ;)

anyway, this week i'll be focusing on sorting the last bits out of my room (very minimal) crying over the lack of petrol in my poor car, and of course, blogging. relaxing week ahead, but it is only monday... so anything can change. 


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