Tuesday, 20 March 2012

my new (ish) nude loves...

So when I say new, I obviously mean about a month old. Apologies. 

I've spoke about the Vivo range before - it's from Tesco, it's cheap, they are good... That is all you need to know, because I implore you to go into your local store and see for yourself. I would link to trio, but alas, it's not on the website - so just pop in! 

I believe I got this for £5 or less - so still cheap!

Secondly, the 12 colour palette 'sun kissed' is from a store I had never heard of. Savers. Now when my friend said about going here to pick up some eyelash glue, I just plodded along beside her as I do and then walked in and was like... WHAT THE ...

So many things! I nearly died, literally when I saw this beauty for £1.69. That's right. I tell you no lies. Under  two fricking quid. Shit son!

The pigmentation on both of these is great - when I use my No7 eye base, it's completely amazing. I think as long as you have a primer, you will find a love for these products, for real.

Because I will not be buying Naked/Naked2 palette for £36.00 - especially when it is not even in stock, at my local counter? No advertisements... You lose Urban Decay!

I think though, the main reason why I love them, is because they aren't over loaded with glitter - which I wouldn't mind - However during the day I don't want to look like I'm going on a night out... and UD generally fails there, on all accounts...

So yes. My neutrals collection, well, part of it. 


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