Tuesday, 20 November 2012

i am pooped!

It's been a bit hectic over these last few days. My parents come back from Spain tonight, and since my sister has moved out of the last at the end of last week -- the boyfriend and I have had a lot to sort out and still do.

Having to get up at ten to six every morning - I will not miss. I am a naturally early riser but some days, ooh, I'd love to sleep in until eight. Rebel, innit?

That being said, it only takes me five minutes to get up and dressed and sort the dogs out - since I was helping out doing jobs for mother whilst she was away - so this morning I cleaned in the kitchen/diner before I left. 

I've just sat down to eat lunch (naughty, no breakfast,) and listen to some music. So that is my after shower completely-pooped-face. 

Right - I must do some reading for an hour before I get the hoover. Ehh.

Normal posts will resume at some point. ;)


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