Saturday, 24 November 2012

new room + stuff

it has been crazy busy in our household since the parentals returned from spain. my sister and her fam are now in their own house, which is coming along nicely. of course i'm sure it'll take a little while longer for them to settle, but i'm happy for them, it's taken ages!

josh and i have also been busy turning the spare room into our 'nest' room. it's essentially all bed, i won't lie. at the moment my bookcase is trapped in here, but it'll have to go back to our old room... which is sort of like games/dressing room/study all rolled into one. pretty schweet to have some more space to kick around in. :)

i saw this play last night and ate here with josh and his mum. both play and food were amazing! i'd really recommend that you see the show!

now i am off to see twilight with my sister. yay!

eurgh, i wish the rain would let off! oh well, don't let it cramp your weekend! i'm trying!


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