Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Did a bit of shopping... With hardly any 'real' money?

 (I got these rather delicious looking Rimmel lip lacquers on a three for two offer at Boots!)
M.U.A Heaven and Earth Palette. 

I mentioned in my review of the Nivea Primer that I received two £5 vouchers to spend at any Nivea stockists, Boots, Superdrug, etc and so I went into my local town - which to be fair is a farmers town, is small and most of the shops are too - all which culminates in not a lot of stock of ranges sometimes, but I digress.

I went into boots and picked up some Nivea products, I got two at this point, a body lotion for me and some face moisturiser for the mister! 

After this purchase, I asked the lady how many points I had so off I toddled to spend £15 (I had more, but couldn't find particular products, so didn't bother wasting my points on stuff that didn't intrigue me...) I kindly bought mother some hairspray and I got some Rimmel Apocalips... They only stocked four of the range, but these were the ones I wanted - so I couldn't complain! I think I will definitely returning for Big Bang though, so gorgeous!

Superdrug was next on the list. I went to the counter first, checked I could use my remaining £5 voucher from Nivea with them, yes you can by the by, and to see how many points I had on their loyalty/beauty card. I only had £2, but still, I had the M.U.A dupe for the Naked palette in mind, so that only cost me...yep, £2 for a solid neutral palette of eyeshadows! Bargain. 

Of course I treated my man to further products from the Nivea for men range (aftershave balm, face scrub,) and then called it a day.

In total I must have spent £2+£1+£1= £4 of my own change, and then the rest from boots points, superdrug beauty card points and of course nivea vouchers. Not bad, eh?

(Completely forgot to use my student discount card though! Doh!)

Have you ever had one of those 'bargain' days?


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