Monday, 25 February 2013

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Hello lovelies!

I want all of these things. That chair also doubles as a single guest bed - and it's in grey. Swoon. And do not even get me started about the media unit in yellow! Goodness! Anyway, moving on...

I'll be frank. I am tired. Shattered. Knackered. Worn out. All of those and then some.

After working 10+ days in a row, yesterday was the hardest on my mind. I had to do an early shift and late shift. Oh the joys of shift work! I moan, of course, but I do enjoy working and I offered to do the work because, well, I like buying things. You sort of need money for that. I also like moaning. ;)

I now have a week off so I can take some time to evaluate our living space. We have a living room and a bedroom - but the living room is also like a dressing room too - with two wardrobes, a chest of drawers, a tv unit, a bookcase and a hamster... Kind of crowded at the moment.

I had an idea to get rid of one set of wardrobes, and change the dresser to two tall but slim dressers I think maybe these from Ikea - so we still had our own area for clothes and the remaining wardrobe could be used for dresses/stuff that shouldn't be folded/shoved into drawers. We need the space for a desk (eventually,) for the boyfriends mac, plus it would make us feel less crowded. 

So - the extra hours at work were needed, I need the pennies to fund this project. I also want to upholster our footstool but that can wait until April - when my parents return from Spain, well rested. Then I can pounce and use my mothers seamstress skills to the full! 

Sorry for the ramble but isn't it nice to get it all out? Right, I'm off to get the polish and duster... ;)

Have an awesome week!


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