Tuesday, 26 February 2013

...sugar, ahh honey honey...

If you were to ask me what was my favourite high street/drug store brand of 2013 later on down the line - well so far Revlon is currently leading my personal poll. What with their release of Lip Butters (everyone has raved about them, so I shan't bother,) their 'Just Bitten' lip stains last year and of course more recently their 'Nearly Naked' line (foundation and powders so far,) - they seem to be on a winning path for this coming year.

I already own three lip stains - Romantic (a deep brick red,) Rendezvous (a bright orange, coral when applied lightly,) and Crush (a dark plum,) not to mention the lip butters - Berry Smoothie, Tutti Fruti and Strawberry Shortcake - all of which compliment each other perfectly when worn together, Tutti Fruti with Rendezvous and Berry Smoothie with Crush for example. 

So of course my latest purchases shouldn't come as any surprise - to myself or my ever-exasperated boyfriend. Honey and Sugar Frosting have the same pink with slightly purple/blue undertones (in my opinion so don't hold me to it,) that make it perfect for daytime or even to compliment a more complex smokey eye at night. 

The staying power of both of these products are pretty incredible considering the price - during the day I will usually just top up the stain using my own lip balm and of an evening only the bear minimum is required to keep it looking polished. 

I honestly have no gripe with these products - I know some aren't a fan of the scent of the lip stains - I personally like it. At £7.99, and most of the time Superdrug/Boots have a three for two offer on, you can't really say no, right?

Personally I'm looking forward to the release of the cheek sticks, three new lip butters and not to mention a gorgeous greige nail polish. You can read all about that here.

What's your favourite brand of 2013 so far?


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