Friday, 1 March 2013

Brushes | Real Techniques

If you read a fair few blogs like I do, then you will probably most heard of Victoria India from VIPXO. I give this post in complete credit to her, because otherwise I wouldn't of got this amazing deal, but anyway, on with the savings!

I'd never heard of iHerb - it never came across in my beauty searches and no-one (minus on VIPXO, of course,) had ever recommended me to them. 

They sell a bunch of things, vitamins and supplements - but what I was most interested in and what Victoria wrote about - Real Techniques brushes. I already own the stippling brush and it is amazing, I use mine for blush, best thing ever. So I was going to be buying these brushes soon anyway... Cue the deal.

So in the U.K if you buy the core collection, or eyes starter set, then you know it can set you back £20+ each for these collections - so what I bought would of cost in excess of £40-£50. 

On iHerb they are $17.99 (core/eyes collection) which is just over £11 each and the expert face brush translates roughly at £5.92 - now, if you spend over $40 on iHerb, like I did, that roughly comes to £26 - throw in a $10 discount off your first order when you do spend more than $40 (or $5 when under the $40,)  and then add (I chose the cheapest,) shipping and roughly for what would cost you, £50+ normally, is just over £25...

No brainer right? So, ladies, your discount code off your first order is: MPL147. Just add that at checkout and you're done!

I chose cheapest delivery (about $6,) and it came within 2 weeks!



  1. This is amazing, I've been dying to get those brushes for ages but I couldn't convince myself to part with the money !!
    Thank you so much

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.


    1. you're welcome! like I said - I've got Victoria India at VIPXO to thank for this little nugget! I was going to be buying them anyway, but probably on a monthly basis... :)


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