Saturday, 2 March 2013

instagram #8

An ode to ribbon - birthday present wrapping for my neice.// My little furry friend/baby being as dazzling as ever.// I miss the summer!// Perfect 'drugstore' foundations in the form of Bourjois.// Love Revlon Lip Butters.// At the zoo last year waiting for the elephants. I look special.

This week? Not a lot happened. I'm on holiday off from work. I got some stuff done, namely started my essay which is good, but I would like to finish it by tomorrow - please let inspiration come! I put some RAM into my laptop, which came with tears of frustration, cheers for gluing the screws in, Acer! I cleaned a bit, slept in, stayed up 'late' cut down on eating (next week, green smoothies are back on the menu, I need them, let's get March off to a good start...) and did other boring things, sorted out the car, sorted out myself at the doctors...

I'll be filming today to help the Mr with a uni project - and then hopefully crashing and watching films, or you know... essay writing. (Inspiration below please.)


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