Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Face | Blushers

Carrying on from the Bases edit, concealers and foundations - now I'd like to move on to blushers. 

For me, blush is kind of I can either take it or leave it kind of product. If my skin is looking good, I'll use it, if not - I don't have to bother. My cheeks are always blushing/flushing - I have sensitive/dry skin and it's a pretty common problem for this skin type, or so I am told - so if I am having a pretty bad 'red' day - I'll forgo the blush because I will end up looking like a red/pink mess come the end of the day.

That being said my skin is being pretty well behaved more often than not these days, so these are my highstreet/drugstore picks.

First up is the Rimmel Mono Blusher in Smoked Oyster - this is my blush of choice during warmer months - usually of an evening if I am honest, when although I don't tan, this blush is more on the brownish side to give my skin a little 'I've been in the sun, but I've only got freckles to show for it!' kind of glow. If that makes any sense at all. It's an overall good blush, pigmented, easy to work with - the only issue is the packaging - my god, how long has Rimmel had their mono blushes in these? Revamp, please?

Secondly is the Barbara Daly Cream Blusher (otherwise known as Velvet Blusher, I believe,) in Peaches and Cream. I adore this, because paired with my Real Techniques stippling brush - it goes on like a dream. I love to use this all year round but it is particularly flattering in spring/summer - purely because of the coral tones of the product. I literally have no issues with this blusher and I recommend you go see when you do your weekly in Tesco. 

Lastly, a little gem hidden in Boots. Not too dissimilar to that of Macs Melba, is this lovely, under two frickin' pounds blusher. Natural Collection has long been a favourite since I was a young teen and let's be honest, I took their cheapness for granted because their quality is pretty insane - I adore their duo eyeshadows for staying power/pigmentation! The quality of this blusher - especially for the price range, is quite frankly a god send - it's the perfect blusher for year round use - that will suit most skin tones and let's be honest, won't exactly hurt the purse strings. I'm on my second pot now, which says a lot, given my redness issues...

So concludes my blushers edit from the highstreet/drugstores - all reasonably priced, all pretty solid contenders. 

What's your favourite blusher?


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