Monday, 4 March 2013

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Happy Monday Lovelies!

It's back to work this week for me - which sucks as I've quite gotten used to sleeping... In any case I've got one last day of freedom (hooray!) so I'll be finishing filming with the Mr, trying to finish my essay which is super important (my god, why can't I write more than three paragraphs!) and later on a spot of babysitting. 

Here are the usual six items that cheer me up this week - Monochrome was pretty on the runway but even prettier for your pockets now that it's on the high street. Topshop have good buys for this, not to mention the 'grunge' selection is quite good. 

I've got some projects lined up for home in the next couple of months - if this goes completely wrong, I'm just looking at small white storage from Ikea as backup - more on this when I've actually done it!

Bioderma is now in the U.K! Hoorah! I'll be picking up a small bottle of Sensibio to try out - given the hype of these products I'm expecting a lot...

Last but not least - Ren Skincare, I'm intrigued by this clay cleanser/mask treatment promising to soothe skin (oh please redness, be gone!) but generally any excuse for a pampering session intrigues me...

Have an amazing start to the week!



  1. The jumper looks great! By the way, I love Bioderma! :)

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. Have you tried the Sensibio at all? does it live up to the hype? Thanks for stopping by.


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