Monday, 6 May 2013

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First of all, Happy Monday to you all! Secondly, an apology. I do believe this has been my longest absence so far, so I am sorry. Would you actually believe I am on my second cold/flu/bug thing within the same three weeks? How is that fair? Ha! I am not alone though, the boyfriend has also had two lots of it and now my work mates are going down like flies too. In any case the thought of looking at a screen has my eyes watering even now, hence the absence.

Obviously this week I'd like to shake this bug finally and be done with it - I almost always get ill twice a year pretty badly (winter flu, summer flu) so it never comes as a shock - my immune system is just crappy. I am still off on an adventure today though and it looks like promising weather, now if I can just find my camera charger...

Can I just say also - that bedding above? I DIE. I must have it in my life. God help me if they bring out one in black and white too. Oh geometry! I also will be buying that shelf too, once I get my pennies back - I had to pay ALOT of money on my car over these past two months, mot, service, repairs, insurance - and now I have zero savings. It's pretty crippling. My car isn't even worth that much in money - he's just a little run-around with zero fanciful buttons or whizzers like other modern cars. ;)

So yes, get better and try to not spend any more money. Eeep! 

Have an amazing bank holiday, and see you on the flip side!

(If I don't get even iller... more ill?)


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