Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Lee Stafford's Hair Growth Treatment

I'm a cynic in some respects; I question everything with gusto and love an argument (or, debate I should say,) but deep down I would like to believe... In Hogwarts, magic... and in products that promise the world - you get the picture.

I first saw this product on The Sunday Girl - and at the time thought nothing of it, my hair was in pretty good condition at the time but obviously made a little mental note because fast forward a few months and my hair was in a pickle - Long, knotted, and generally just lacking in everything. 

Right now it's doing really well, it needs a colour however, my roots are a questionable mousy shade (not my natural colour at all!) but I just had it finally cut which tends to make it lighter and easier to manage but my majority of thanks to it's speedy recovery is this product.

I won't call it holy grail because - frankly, I haven't tried every single hair care product out there, but it is pretty darn good for the price, and it does what it says on the tub - which is a rarity, I am sure you can agree. 

For the first week I took about the size of half an egg (it says the amount of an egg on the tub,) and applied it root to tip after shampooing and left on for five minutes - I personally took the time to briefly step out of the shower and apply a 3 minute face mask - two birds, one stone and all that. Once you're done, rinse out and condition as usual. 

From that point on wards I just use it on Sundays as a little pick-me-up for my locks. 

What I have noticed is the condition, especially on my ends. Whilst I try not to use a hair dryer or straighteners  I do like sea salt spray and this can obviously wreak havoc on the overall condition of your hair. This brings it back to neutral, and leaves your hair in a 'swishy' state indeed. 

As for the hair growth? To be continued, my hair tends to grow pretty quickly then remain stagnant, at about mid-shoulder blade level - so since I've had it cut (last week,) I'll have to re-judge. 

I do recommend this though for if you are trying to grow your hair, to keep it in good condition to help along with the growth.

For £7.99 this tub lasted me over a month, maybe to a six week stage - and that's with mid-length, fine hair (but I have a lot of it, so quite thick in some respects.) 

What's your favourite hair care treat?

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