Monday, 13 May 2013

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Happy Monday lovelies!

I'm at work for three hours today (you might wonder, what's the point, but who am I to question the fabled 'shift gods'?) and then I can return home to purge the living room. The rug will be taken out and beaten by my Mother - who loves nothing more than beating rugs, apparently - the sofa moved - and the boxes behind it taken to the shed (Josh hates throwing away boxes of the items he's bought in case there is an issue later...) floors will be scrubbed, surfaces dusted. 

Tuesday - the wardrobe top box will arrive and hopefully be built. Pretty dated in interior worlds but a necessary evil - soon the second wardrobe we have will be downstairs so we can actually have a desk for Josh's iMac - and it means my parents don't have to spend money on more furniture for Dad's new room (more on that later, if you're intrigued at all.) 

On Wednesday it would be a dream if I could get all from Josh's wardrobe into mine - and the top box and the drawers so that I can finally place the order for the new drawers, and then the old set can once again go downstairs, following suit of the wardrobe it came with. Who's up for new ikea furniture and recycling furniture? Me, I suppose, 'cause I'm broke. :)

It would also be a dream that on the weekend I could get my brother-in-law and boyfriend to actually get the wardrobe downstairs. :) But it might take longer. 

Anyway, who else is purging your homes for summer?


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