Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Nails | Spring/Summer Edit


I have been a bad blogger and a terrible girl. I have succumbed to stress and have taken it out on my nails. I know, it's wrong, it's a bad habit, one that I thought I had broken - but alas, as I type this my nails are at a sorry length although they have been neatened up and I am vowing to leave them be for a while - but when I achieve 'polish acceptable' lengths again, here's my pick of varnish's I'll be using and have been using, in rotation for S/S 13.

Revlon Nail Enamel - One Perfect Coral. My picture does this polish no true homage, but in any case I'd say it was more of a pinky coral than coral-coral. Despite it's name being slightly misleading, I adore it - it is opaque pretty much in one coat so you could easily get away with just the one. This could be the perfect holiday shade - paired with the right base and top coat. A cheery, glossy pinky-coral, with minimal chips? Score. 

Essie - Meet Me at Sunset. An orange/red - this falls into serious summer category for me, a pretty good dupe for Chanel Holiday too, if you're hankering for a cheaper alternative. I got this mini bottle along with Smooth Sailin' off ebay - link here. As with all Essie polishes, the colour pay off is gorgeous after two coats, I find, and chips with this seemed to occur within four days or so - depending on what kind of work I was doing at the time. 

Nails Inc - Totes Pink. I got this with InStyle Magazine, and can't seem to find it anywhere! Annoying! In any case, this is a perfect shade of baby pink that I can't wait to put on during a pedicure. I tend to keep to neutrals or 'safe' colours on my toes - neutrals, french pinks and ivorys, true reds or a black shade for drama. This is pretty and reminds me of sandals, grass and warm breezes. Just a perfect 'oh my feet are out, but yes, aren't they pretty?' shade.

Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect - Prickly Pear. This lilac colour had me at hello. It really did. The finish is perfectly glossy and gel like, as promised - applied with a careful hand - two coats and you're done. I tend to use this when I'm not working on delivery days because although chips aren't a problem, smudging completely is. I don't know why but it's almost like they haven't dried at all when I have to actually get my hands dirty. Regardless of that fact, I still love it, and it's more my own fault than the polish's. 

So that's it - my perfect colour mix for summer - although it is absolutely hammering it down outside right now. God help me, my town always gets the short straw...

So, what's in your edit?


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