Friday, 17 May 2013

New Purchases - Feel Unique + Ebay...

Oh goodness.

It wasn't intentional. I was running out of my supplies - case in point, lower picture - my trial run of Bioderma has been extremely pleasing but it was running low so figured, yes, I will go for the next size up. 

That's how it begins you know, just an innocent re-purchase. Then you're on feel unique picking up a make-up removing/facial wash from Nuxe (which is so so honey smelling it makes me want to eat my face,) and a very amazing (so far,) yet bizarre cleanser from Burts Bees which is almost like a balm/oil - and deliciously orange scented.

Not to mention the usual from Palmers (body moisturizer, as standard for me, I tend not to stray far from cocoa butter concoctions,) and a new purchase from Avene.

I shopped around, mind you, to get the best deals. But I seriously cannot wait to tell you how they are working for me in a few weeks time. :)


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