Friday, 28 June 2013

Essie Summer 2013 Collection

Essie's mini collections can be something like an enigma...

For instance - the Resort 2013 collection, so hard to find and when you do people are over charging like nobodies business and it really makes you hate collections and especially limited collections, so on and so forth. 

The problem was that I wanted/needed (not really though, it was pure colour lust let me assure you, no one needs nail varnishes in every single colour,) the resort collection until I spotted the Summer Collection Mini's... Then I was like, well damn it - which one to go for?

In the end, thanks to beloved e-bay again, I went for the Summer 2013 collection and oh god - I am in lurve, let's take a look at the colours, shall we?

From left to right on the swatches;

Full Steam Ahead - A pretty pearlescent lilac with subtle shimmer.
Naughty Nautical - An amazing blue-green with shimmer, I'm dubbing this the 'mermaid' shade.
Sunday Funday - A hot pink/tangerine coral-y blissfull shade with shimmer running through, probably my favourite and will pretty much be my new go to for summer.
The More The Merrier - A juicy lime green shade - this looks amazing on and I love it, surprisingly. 

There are two more colours that weren't included in this set -  but you can check them out here.

The polishes are the old brushes but surprisingly I'm becoming a fan of them - it means I concentrate more and tend to have less slip ups when I'm doing my nails, not so great if I'm in a rush, but totally perfect for the weekly mani/pedi session. 

Have you got your eye on any Essie collections?


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