Saturday, 29 June 2013

instagram #18 - This Week

 Oops. // Being a scary mary, showing off Essie Sunday Funday.
Wanda being a 'stealth' hamster.

I can't say a lot happened this week. I went to work as per the doctors orders, even though my back is still bad, only to be told that I couldn't be at work (health and safety, insurance, blah de blah...) - at least not until I can do all the things I'd usually do. So I'm still waiting for physio to get back to me but hopefully once that starts I'll be on the mend. 

Even if I do keep hearing horror stories about physio. Eek.

I'd say my favourite posts from this week, are kind of cheating but, Louise from A Sprinkle of Glitter is doing a 30 day Snap Challenge - and I'm pretty intrigued into doing it! I always thought the 365 project too much for me, and the 52 week one I can see myself becoming bored or forgetting so - I think I may give this a go? Anyone else done them?

This weekend we are taking advantage of the mild/warm/sunny/occasionally humid weather and having a weekend barbecue. We did a small test run yesterday at lunch time (it was mainly for the builders who are building the extension,) and our new barbecue is a beast! If you're looking for a very well priced barbecue then seriously - ebay it up! I got ours here.

Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend?


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