Saturday, 15 June 2013

instagram #16 - This Week

 My boyfriend puts a blanket over my dogs, all the time, but they don't seem to mind.
 Rockin' the Rimmel Salon Pro in Peppermint + showing off my new yellow/orange moleskin.//Essie Bikini-So-Teeny is the cutest polish name. Ever.
 Two favourite men in my life. // Naughty Stuffed Chicken - Recipe here.
I can't go shopping without picking up fresh flowers. // When cats attack.

This week has been pretty productive for me - plus my back is gradually getting better so I'm feeling unusually positive! We've had terrible weather this week here in Devon - so I'm hoping for better next week. 

I've been going googly eyed over Meg's top 10 picks for summer. Several of these items have been added to the 'Must Purchase!' list. Also check out Caroline Hiron's cheat sheet for routines - pretty handy if you're stuck in a skincare rut to get back to normality. Cleanse, cleanse, tone, tone, eye-cream, serum, moisturise!

Remind me to start saving money NOW for this time next year. I had no idea all the best sales start within the same week (Selfridges, Whistles and now Mulberry!) and although most of these deals are insanely amazing - I didn't buy anything. So I shall save a little more each week (I already save 50% of my wages, don't look at me like that Mother!) so I can go completely crazy next year. Deal? Deal!

Did you get lucky in the sales? Or where you completely unaware until the last minute like I was?


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