Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Barry M Sequin Effect Nail Paint - SNP1

You know those sweets - the small (and sometimes huge) white chocolate disks with hundreds and thousands on them? Jazzles - I think. Well they are the one for me. My perfect penny sweet, well, not so much a penny any more but the point is... This polish reminded me of those, in a way.

On first impression (in the bottle) it looks promising, a milky white with red, blue, green and silver glitter pieces that made me excited (as much as you can get over a polish,) to try it. There was the whole Jazzles thing egging me on, too.

That's where the excitement stopped for me, I'm afraid. I applied this polish twice - the first time, pictured above, two coats of this stuff made my nails super thick so I was scared to do anything with them after that, plus it has that awful texture like concrete nail effect nails - if you like that texture, more power to you, but I cannot stick it. I'm a glossy/smooth girl through and through. 

So after that failed (they peeled off in the sun?) I tried another approach. I used just one coat of this stuff, then applied Essie's Waltz - a milky white polish over the top. It didn't work. The Barry M stuff seemed to suck it in to it's own formula - it still remained gritty.

However, despite it being a faff and hating the feel of them - if you do like concrete nails then you will love these. I really think two coats is too much - so it might do well just over a plain white so you're not left with uber thick nails. I so wanted it to work but just didn't anticipate the gritty texture.

You can buy the Barry M Sequin Nail Paints from here, and they retail for £3.99.

Have you tried this polish? Did you like it or hate it?


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