Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum

Currently in my skincare rotation I have three serums on the go; two mentioned in this post and this little gem being the third. 

I've mentioned before but I'll say it again anyway, I have dry/sensitive skin throughout most of the year and I always have red cheeks - there is no exception, sometimes they (being the cheeks,) can have a good day and it doesn't make too much of an impact on me - some days it's horrendous and I have to go for a heavier coverage on those areas. 

Enter the serum; the Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief (mouthful, right?) and I must say I'm pretty impressed so far. I've been using this of a night time before my hydrating serum and it really does calm my face right down - and I've seen a vast improvement in the redness - I can even go to the supermarket with no make up on, which is a huge deal for me. Just popping out used to make me crack out the concealer but I really don't feel the need to if I'm just bumming around tescos. 

Currently Boots have on offer on the Botanics (selected) line - most items are half price including this serum so if you fancy giving this one a go and have sensitive skin, there is really no better time than now!


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