Saturday, 20 July 2013

instagram #21 - This Week

 Coolin' some Leffe down. // Maybelline Colour Show - Cool Blue.
#tbt. // Iced coffee is essential, first and second attempts were okay - third attempt was amazing. Recipe coming soon!

It is still hot. I cannot believe it. Seriously, we haven't had a summer like this in years so I feel pretty amazed that it hasn't started raining here in Devon. I feel lucky, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more great weather. 

Due to this 'stage 3' heatwave however, the only make up I have really been wearing is nail polish - tonight however I'm going to have to brave some sort of coverage as Josh and I are going to a show/play that his mothers acting in. Excited? Yes! Nervous for the inevitable back pain? Pretty much - but it's something I'm just having to get on with at the moment as we promised we'd go months ago.

I've been pretty good the past few weeks at saving my money; however there are a few things that I am lusting over thanks to Alix from I Covet Thee - her London haul blog post made me want to blow all my savings! Another post I've been loving (in video form,) was the Pixiwoo ladies and London Beauty Queen speaking about sun care and spf on the Body Talk show. Informative and straight to the point? Yup! 

How has your week been?


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