Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June Favourites

I haven't done one of these monthly favourites for a long while. Mostly because I was sticking to the usual skincare and make-up products but I've decided to make more of an effort - these are probably my favourite posts to read (or watch on youtube,) so less yabbering, lets get on with dem beauty bits! ;)

Dr Jart Waterfuse BB Cream is a new product for me, scary once you squeeze it out of the tube (one shade fits all, apparently!) it looks like a grey/tan shade that's hideously ominous. I went for it regardless and oh damn. I am in love ladies and gentlemen! Easy to apply with a brush, sponge or using (clean) hands it provides the right amount of light coverage to conceal redness and give a nice glow, obviously it won't cover all manner of blemishes - concealer will be needed but for a pretty light base - this has been my preference this month. It's half price at Boots at the moment, so go get it!

I've spoken about the Barbara Daly Cream Blusher in Peaches and Cream before (post here,) so I won't go on too much about it. It's just the perfect blusher for that hint of coral/peach to perk up your complexion. Love it. I don't think you can buy it online but should be able to pick it up at Tesco stores that stock the Barbara Daly make up range.

Similar to the scare with the Dr Jart BB cream, the Bourjois Bronzing Primer looks so scary in pan, especially for someone as fair as myself. I didn't have to worry though because once blended this is perfect, I don't like bronzers with shimmer and this one doesn't have it. I find it best to build this one up lightly as you could probably end up super orange.

Another product spoken of recently is the Essie Summer 2013 mini Collection - I adore all of these shades and have been getting on surprisingly well with the 'old' brush. I'm currently rocking The More The Merrier (bright green) on my toes and fingers right now.

I received the Melvita Rose Floral Water in my Latest in Beauty box - and even though rose smells can be either love hate with me, I don't even care about the smell - it's just perfect for after my toner. I'm using this little beaut as a treatment for some ghastly under skin red spots and this bad boy has help cleared them up! 

Also having regular rotation is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeliner in Bronze - this is perfect for either definition or used as an eye shadow (just apply over the lid lightly and blend,) and just really perks up my eyes.

Last but not least is a bit of an odd one. Cult Beauty stock these Jade Facial Rollers that are meant for expelling toxins and making you look younger and a bunch of other stuff, I'll leave them describe it so you can check it out here. I picked mine on ebay to 'try before I buy the more expensive one' and I just picked up a mini version. 

Obviously it was pretty cheap and therefore cheaply made but it is so so good. It's so cooling post-cleansing and toning and I generally do this before I add any serum or moisturiser. A little gem! I will be picking up the better quality one from Cult Beauty though, now that I know I adore it!

So, what are your June favourites?


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