Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Skincare | Avene

Can I just say that I really, really love Avene skincare? I mean, wow. All my purchases so far have been added to my 'Never Forget About This Product,' list and thanks to Escentual (who were having upto a third off French pharmacy brands at the time,) I managed stocked up on three new bits that I cannot wait add into my skincare rotation.

First up the Cold Cream Gel Cleanser, this is amazing for dry to very dry skin as it's enriched with the 'Thermale' water and cold cream - it's pretty much a double whammy of hydration and it's also suitable for sensitive skin too. 

This can also be used for body as a shower gel/cleanser which is handy for if you're going on holiday. This is soap free, non-comodogenic and hypoallergenic. I'll be using this as my morning cleanser for a much needed boost of hydration in the mornings. 

Secondly I picked up the Soothing Hydrating Serum - it's perfect   for sensitive/dehydrated/dry skin (which I have,) and it is really helping tone down my redness so far. In love. What's more, this serum actually doesn't cost a bomb at it's normal price range either - it's £17 full price but I picked up mine for about £10-£11. Perfection.

Lastly the Gentle Toner had a really good write up and although I adore my Vichy Hydrating toner, I thought I'd try out this one for a switch up. Once again, it's good for dry/sensitive skin. Plus it's in a massive bottle - which means it's going to last a long ol' while!

I feel I need to do a juggling act with my skincare of finding products that hydrate for my dry/dehydration problems yet soothe for redness and so far Avene are really proving to be a good brand for all of these things. 

Have you found any new skincare products you adore?


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