Thursday, 4 July 2013

Leighton Denny Colour & Go Manicure Pen | Butterfly Wings

Leighton Denny was not an unheard of brand for me; I've got the Crystal nail file bookmarked because it's such a cult product and the 'Good as New' nail polish reviver, but apart from that I hadn't really given the brand much thought after that to be honest. 

I was meandering around Tesco (as you do, very glamorous,) when I spotted Harper's Bazaar (which isn't a bad read in the beauty section, by the by,) and the free gift that loomed inside it. 

The Colour and Go manicure pen probably isn't a new 'idea' - I'm sure I had really cheap versions of this kind of product when I was a young teen and it goes a lil' something like this... 

On one side you have a multi-purpose base and top coat (which is amusingly named One for All, I don't know why I like that name so much but I think it's because I think of the Musketeers...) and on the other side is your colour, in my case 'Butterfly Wings.'

First glance this looks like a pink with iridescent blue shimmer running through but upon application it's more of a peach than pink. I actually really like this colour especially when just used with one coat as it's a really pretty sheer peach and I don't actually have anything like it in my collection but the thing I love most about this product is the fact it is just one product...

We all have so many products for different routines these days and whilst I don't mind the routine of my regimens otherwise I wouldn't be writing a blog about them - simple as - but let's just imagine that it's May 2014 (seriously, cannot wait for this holiday,) and I'm about to pack my suitcase (Spain, if you were wondering,) do I really want to take one bottle of base coat, colour, top coat, cuticle sticks and nail polish removers and oh god Sophie just pitched a fit because why is she even worrying about copious products? 

Here's Leighton Denny and she's sorted!

I'm not just going to shove this out of the way until I do make the rounds to Spain though, I think these little beauties will be perfect for when you have a busy week/schedule, weekends away etc because it is just easy to plop into your handbag and be done with it. 

You can buy these Colour and Go pens for £11 or try and pick up a Harper's Bazaar magazine and get 'em for nearly free. Plus the magazine is a good read, I promise. 


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