Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Washi Tape Frame | DIY

I was reading through my monthly copy of Elle Decoration when I came across this cute DIY - that also looks pretty impressive (especially what they did with the washi tape - much 'chic-er' than mine,) - but it gave me an idea what to do with my ruined sticky-gram pictures - little note, don't put them on radiators because even though mine was off, the images were still peeling off the magnets. In any case, I had a spare wall and some washi tape and got straight to it.

What you will need;
Washi tape - your choice, of course. I went for a slightly transparent tape with bright polka dots. I bought mine on ebay here.
Scissors - for cutting the tape, obviously, but if you want it more roughed up, just tear off the tape.

Optional Extras;
Tweezers - seriously, because when your placing the tape on the wall and on the photo (or in my case magnet,) my fingers are far too clumsy for being precise. So if you're clumsy like me, use a pair of tweezers for neatening rogue tape up - I didn't because I am not a perfectionist and impatient. 
Spirit Level/Pencil - If you are a perfectionist - use these two as well to aid in mapping out your photo frames. Like I said, I'm not so didn't bother.

I like my little roughed up framing job! I was pretty disgruntled that I had been silly enough to put the magnets on a radiator (that was switched off,) but had somehow still peeled? In any case, it saves me throwing them out or putting pins through them to go on my cork board.

Have you tried any washi tape DIY's recently?


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