Friday, 30 August 2013

August Favourites

This month I've been sticking mostly to what I know make up wise - but skincare has definitely made its rounds this month thanks to some tricky blemishes but in any case, here are my favourites for this month...

Super Facialist/Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Mask; I loved the Rose Hydrate Moisture Mask from the same brand and figured on giving this one a go too. I wasn't disappointed; it's a lovely, deep cleaning clay mask and once used my skin feels thoroughly refreshed, soft and just feels so darn clean. The scent is beautiful too.

Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum; I have red cheeks pretty much all the time and there is no escaping from it fully. However, I've been using this little serum post-tone and pre-hydrating serum of an evening and really does help keep the redness at bay and just cool and calm everything down. Love it.

Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo Fiber Collection; A lot of people didn't really get on with the eye brush from this collection but I can safely say I love them all - they pick up just enough product and do all the blending beautifully. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive; I picked up this sample just to road test what it would be like on my sensitive skin; it's fine... but it is also beautiful! Seriously, it smells gorgeous (not always a contributing factor but it helps,) and really does pack some much needed hydration in over night. I just use this as a night moisturiser (you can still use your usual night time moisturiser underneath though,) about two nights a week and my skin just feels so much softer and plumper afterwards. 

Rimmel Salon Pro 'Kate' in Rock 'N' Roll; I have Peppermint and Reggae Splash from the Salon Pro range and adore them. I ran out of my usual favourite red and decided to give this a go. This is so beautiful, to start with. A nice deep red that is opaque with one coat but I always use two (for luck, perhaps,) and lasts on the nails sans chips for about four days, depending also on the kind of top coat you use - but it just suits my skin tone perfectly. Adore.

So that is it for this month - tell me what are your favourites, I'll be waiting with pen and paper. 


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