Saturday, 31 August 2013

instagram #26 | This Week

 Christmas time, 1993, with Mama. Cheese fest. // H&M Cushions. 
Need to remake; Madeira cake with choc chips and lemon icing. // Foray into pigments with BellaPierre.

This week has been pretty quiet here; the only major thing that happened was a trip to hospital - no emergencies and all will be explained in a catch up post tomorrow - but never the less I'm feeling bored and cannot wait until new physio begins so I have something physical to sink my teeth into. Weird, right? 

My favourite posts from the blogosphere have to be from Door Sixteen; I love Anna's victorian house renovation and her blog also makes me want little dogs like Fritz and Bruno.

Josh and I have also become addicted to Lost; we're on Season 3 and oh my god. I have never seen anything that makes me cry, be on edge, shout at the characters and generally get so involved so much. Like, Jack is just back from the Others site with the blonde lady (trying not to do spoilers in case there are people like me who have never seen it before,) and he's being (to put it frankly) a dick. I mean come on! 

So aside from being bored and getting addicted to lost; I have had a few pretty deliveries through my door that I cannot wait to show you all next week! I hope you have an amazing weekend!



  1. Nice photos, hope your cool after the hospital business, xoxo.

  2. Thank you and I'm fine - I only had to see a back specialist this time, so nothing drastic. :)


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