Thursday, 29 August 2013

To Do | Home

I love a good list; especially to keep organized for the smaller day to day things such as blog posts, shopping or even just housework - but there is one list that was supposed to be started last year - but couldn't get started due to other things that kept cropping up. So, this year - hopefully about September time, our little lounge/dressing area will be finished once and for all.

1. Remove the wall unit and the runner from under the worktop desk. Paint worktop in either Creative Coal, Craftman's Clay, or Urban Chic - all from the Dulux Made by Me range.
2. Buy (!) and set up the new Helmer unit. Get rid of the ghastly three drawer bedside cabinet.
3. Organize photo albums from upper shelves into a storage basket. 
4. Frame the two prints. Put 'em up on the wall.
5. Put new door knobs on the wardrobe and top box. 
6. Buy last minute textiles. 

7. Buy a desk.

It's not a huge lot of work to do, just a job that requires moving a lot of things around and then back again - something I cannot do with my back being the way it is at the moment - and number seven on that list is last because we are still undecided about the kind of desk we want. Josh wants a huge area to sprawl out on, but I'm trying to rationalize the fact there isn't that much room in here for that kind of thing - so we only need a temporary desk until we eventually move out.

I also have decided for paint on the worktop (where all my make up is and where I get ready) that it's currently a tie between Creative Coal and Urban Chic. I also really wanted my second Helmer unit to be yellow - but you can only pick that up in store... and I don't have time for a four hour round trip with a dodgy back, so white and order online it is. 

Do you have any D.I.Y/home improvements to be getting on with?


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