Saturday, 3 August 2013

instagram #23 | This Week

Still my favourite place ever, Alfaz Del Pi #Regram. // Summer in the garden.

I really haven't done a lot of instagram-ing (or is it instagramming? Or what is it?) this week as once again it's been pretty boring for me - so just a few regrams as it were. If you do feel like following me on instagram my username is thebirdsong00 - or if you're not one for that kind of thing you can also follow me on Pinterest, where I get lost for hours. 

Posts I loved this week include a sunday night routine, from Rebecca who owns the blog From Roses - if I haven't mentioned her before, go check her out - such amazing photography and solid content. 

Another favourite post is from Jennypurr and her make up favourites (or a few of them anyway,) which has me jotting down a few items to add to my own lust list. 

So that's it from this week - next week I have exciting plans at the doctors and physio therapists... (not really, but you know, I don't have anything else going on,) but do tell me what you have planned coming up for the following weeks!


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