Friday, 2 August 2013

Autumn/Winter | H&M Top Picks


The first place I go to shop, be it online or in store is always H&M - I can't abide the queues and other madness in Primark, New Look styles are hit and miss sometimes - but the store that always hits the nail on the head for me is without a doubt H&M. 

Prices are good, quality is usually excellent. I'm always sold.

So before I gush anymore - I just want to talk through a few of my favourite pieces from some of their new stock - and it's usually stuff that I deem as a 'capsule closet.' 

I'll start with accessories because they are usually personal and everyone has their own tastes in terms of that kind of business.

My top three picks are; the pack of four hairbands - I use these a lot as even though my hair is fine I have a lot of it and it will usually need taming with a brush, detangling spray of some sort and either these style hair bands, or hair clips and ties. (5) 

Next up, the bag - oh the bag. I don't really need to explain it much further because - well I just love it. It's imitation leather, comes in this mole/nude/pink colour and also black. It's also under twenty pounds. Score. (4)

Lastly for accessories - a pack of rings. I love these for the variety of sizes/thickness - I know they won't last me long and I'll inevitably lose a few somehow - but they are great for completing an outfit. (8)

For shoes - or in this case trainers, I've got my eye on these shearling style lined high tops. I pretty much either wear flats/trainers/healed boots - that goes all year round and these will be perfect for horrendous Devon weather. (1)

Onto clothing and first up is a very simple night dress/slip - and no, not to wear out and about (although if you want to, go ahead, I ain't judging,) - I've bought all mine from H&M in the past and they are still going strong, I just don't have a black one. Need. (2)

I own a few of blouses like this, but the chiffon blouse has a much nicer cut than I've seen anywhere else so far. I'm totally digging the green and nude shades. I've also been wearing these kind of blouses in the hot weather when necessary - so they are really versatile. (3)

For trousers these loose-fitting (comes in three shades/varieties,) black trousers would look pretty amazing with heels or flats - for an evening out/work wear/anything... So I kind of warrant needing them in my life. (6)

Finally - the essential knit. The fine knit to be precise. Big, thick jumpers are alright (I only own one but it is the perfect cut for my shape,) but they usually tend to make me look like a box. I opt for a thin knit jumper instead and layer. This looks heavenly and I want/need it in all the three colours. (7)

So those are my picks from the H&M autumn collection - what are your favourites?


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