Sunday, 1 September 2013

Beauty Bag | September

Whilst September signifies the starting of Autumn for me, it is also the most frustrating month in terms of make up. While there are children going back to school, it always seems that the hot weather clings on for the first two weeks, making me crave chillier weather.

For that reason I'll either be rocking one of two bases this month - the Dr. Jart Beauty Balm for warmer days and the No7 Essentially Natural foundation for the cooler days. Both are lightweight but impart a nice dewy look and are a doddle to apply.

In terms of blush - I'll be sticking to the Max Factor Creamy Blush - it's so easy to do just the lightest flushed look with this and one that I've become partial to. Eyes will be graced by the new Collection Shadow Pencils - just the shade Hot Chocolate for day time wear (a seriously gorgeous bronze) but for evening I'll be mixing in Denim Diva for a pretty take on the smokey eye.

To go with said smokey eye I've chosen a pink toned nude from the Rimmel Moisture Renew range called Notting Hill Nude - it's pretty hard to find a nude that doesn't look too brown, and this is a perfect choice for my skin tone. 

Last but not least I found the most gorgeous grey-toned lilac (grurple according to Elle online...) in the form of Maybelline Forever Strong in Lilac Charm. It's perfect for the tricky transition from Summer to Autumn and is just plain gorgeous. 

So tell me, what's in your beauty bag this month?

It's also worth mentioning - Wanda completely approves of these choices, especially the lipstick. 



  1. I've been meaning to try those Max Factor cream blushes for ages - I have my eye on the Soft Copper colour. I love Real Techniques brushes including the stippling brush, but I haven't tried the new duofiber set which I think has gotten some mixed reviews.

    1. The eye brush from the duofiber set has gotten the most flack - I think in comparison to the two face brushes, it isn't quite as soft - but it still is soft if that makes sense? I personally really like using it - but it might be one of those love/hate products.

      I adore the stippling brush - for blush, especially cream blush. I remember everyone using it for applying base make up and it just didn't work for me - but I've got the buffing and expert face brush for that.


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