Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint | Rich Russet

If you read a lot of blogs then this product won't be exactly new to you, but the Scandaleyes Shadow Paints are reasonably new on the market and there was one particular shade I was interested in, and that is Rich Russet. The other shades available currently are two silver/grey shades, a light golden shade and a purple - I don't dislike these colours but once swatched I knew this was the one I wanted to test out...

I'm pleasantly surprised by the consistency, it's very smooth and so pretty easy to blend with a brush or (a clean) finger. What I will say is to act quickly because once set - it's set and it took ages for me to get these swatches off over the course of the day (a standard swatch test, am I right?) but it came off easy enough with trusty bioderma and it came off with a cleansing oil too.

Personally I think to ramp up the range they could add some matte colours. I love a slight shimmer like any other girl but I think some matte colours in some nude shades would work a treat.

You can buy these in most drugstores and supermarkets now but currently Boots and Superdrug have them available for £3.99, a saving of £1. 

Have you got the Rimmel Shadow Paints, what are your thoughts?


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