Wednesday, 28 August 2013

H&M Haul | Homeware & Clothing Pieces

I have a lot of love for H&M - mostly from in my 'youth' buying stuff from their Divided range (oh yes, emo hoodies..) but as of late (about two years ago) I started venturing on line to take a peak at their Home-wares - and I've been hooked since. They have some amazing textile pieces on offer but also great storage items and the everyday pieces like towels, tea towels etc. 

Not to mention I am hooked on their Best Basics range - the V neck tee (the grey pictured above) and their 'slub' style tees are perfect for everyday dressing up or down - not to mention the price and how they wear quite well. Amazing. I always tend to buy one or two when I'm shopping for other bits 'cause you can never have enough neutral tees - plus this particular cut was in the sale for £3 - absolute bargain.

My recent 'splurge' was mainly for the jumper pictured above - I also picked one up in a dark grey and went for a size larger than I usually do - namely because they are of a fine knit so no risk of looking any plumper than usual, but mainly because I like layering during the winter - as opposed to wearing thick chunky jumpers - these are super soft and just so so flattering. In love!

Two purchases were cushion covers - the crazy looking cat cushion cover reminded me of Grumpy Cat (seriously, I want that cat!) and also fitted in well with neutral throw - plus the grey and white striped cushion matches my curtains. The cat cushion was on sale for £1.99 (and still is,) whilst the striped cushion is only £3.99 - I'll be picking up another one of those bad boys!

Last but not least was a little gold skull tea light holder that I'm currently using beside my bed as a little hold-everything container - namely hand cream and hair ties, which is just under £2.

There are so many little gems on there - I'm after the copper candle holders - so beautiful - and some more cushion covers... as if I haven't got enough...

Have you bought anything from the H&M home-wares section recently?


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