Friday, 6 September 2013

Aqua Light

I'm a huge fan of great hair care that doesn't cost the earth and I'm probably not alone, right? The problem is that there is so much choice - do you go silicone free, sulfate free - do you have dry, oily or normal hair. There in lies my continuous problem which usually leads to countless Google searches of reviews and ingredients lists - sometimes coming away triumphantly, other times not so much.

I found my perfect routine, with the L'Oreal Ever Pure range - it seriously is a great combination - especially for my coloured hair but I also found that the Dove Colour Radiance range is also brilliant (and even cheaper than L'Oreal,) for my hair - but on a recent trip to Tesco (these things always start out with 'and on a pop in Tesco/Morrisons...) I picked up some Pantene Aqua Light products - just because my hair had become so heavy and blargh. I needed some lightness to switch it up every now and again...

Enter this Aqua Light range; and I have noticed how light my hair feels once dry - it also passes the test of not making my hair uber greasy after the first wash (so frustrating) and it just feels great that my hair falls back into it's natural waves because it's not weighed down with various products. 

These aren't sulfate free - which is a shame for my coloured hair, but the shampoo is silicone free (which can dry out the hair,) and also free from parabens and dyes. Oddly enough, the conditioner does have silicones in, but it doesn't advertise as being silicone free - I kind of suspect it might have slightly less silicones though, to be part of the lightweight range although that is just my speculation.

My hair is odd, it is fine but there is lots of it, the roots tend to get greasy whilst the ends can get dry and of course it's also coloured. I find that whilst my hair loves moisture, sometimes it can be weighed down by ultra-rich products (Tresemme - it makes me look like I've dumped oil over myself, nice.) 

It's a really great all-rounder range I think, for an excellent price point and although I'm currently on a strict budget (the woes of being off work,) I am of the firm belief if you want nice hair and skin - it has to start from the inside and then the best products you can afford. 

Have you tried this range before?


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