Saturday, 7 September 2013

instagram #27 | This Week

#throwbackthursday // #mjhoneyspots prize.

This week has been relatively exciting for me; I won a little competition being run by Marc Jacobs Fragrances on instagram - which was a completely lovely surprise to win. I think the last competition I won was for one of my soups on Delia Smith (I won a slow cooker, FYI,) about two years ago... 

I've smelled the perfume (Honey) before in the last department store jaunt and it is completely gorgeous, bottle and fragrance so it's nice to have my own sitting prettily on my desk. 

That being said I've also been trying some new physio moves and still awaiting more appointments for my back - still slow on that front so I shan't ramble on about it.

Blogs I've been loving this week are pretty much as standard - Nouvelle Daily (their new website is so sweet, but the shop feature has me itching to spend like crazy...) and on Lips So Facto, Meg has a post about 'beauty hacks' which is a pretty interesting read - and all were duly noted down.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!


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