Sunday, 1 September 2013

August | Notes

Last month I did a little 'kick back' session and just rambled about everything from that month - a thorough little personal update which I quite liked writing, so here I am again; get ready for some rambles.

I went to hospital on Thursday to meet with a back specialist. It went pretty well, he thinks it's mechanical back pain (and actually explained what it meant,) but I still have to have an MRI in about six weeks time just because of something that happened, just to for sure rule out anything 'sinister' - but I felt much more positive afterwards. 

It just feels like it's taken a long time to get to this positive point after quite a few down days, rages and just plain anger/grumpiness. He also mentioned that I am quite 'mobile' (or joint hypermobility) which is something to do with the collagen in your joints (don't hold me to this, I ain't medically trained after all) which apparently affects dancers and gymnasts; to which I wittily replied "well, I've missed out on that career then" - my mum laughed... he didn't.

I also start physio up again although thankfully a tad more local - and I'm really thinking I might see a change over the coming month. Fingers crossed!

Home wise I've pretty much decided on what's going to happen over the next month too - we have limited space in this house so making it to our tastes, whilst having approval has been difficult in past but is getting easier over time. I'm still undecided on paint colour for the worktop but I still have a few weeks to decide anyway.

I've also found my dream team for a super triple threat mask combination! It's taken some time and no doubt I'll have to switch it up again in three months time but for now they are amazing.

Products I've swooned over as of late; this biker jacket from H&M - oh my god I need it and also this lightweight insect patterned scarf from Topshop. Because why the hell not.

Blogs I have loved as of recently; Jen writes on jennypurr and it is a delight to read, and there's always a plethora of skincare goodies to read about. I also love The Private Life of a Girl - written by Sophie, who also runs Oh My Clumsy Heart - an amazing shop full of beautiful jewellery - I want it all!

As for what I'm hoping for in September? Cooler weather, not a lot of rain, for physio to help my back and possibly the space to make some soup and pies. 


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