Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cutest Sample Ever!

It's not very often that I do a post just for a sample product - if I end up with a sample and I like it I may take note of it in an emptiest post and declare whether it's worthy of a full size repurchase - but for this particular pipette, a full size purchase is definitely on the cards...

If you read this post, you'll notice that I got this sample with the Latest in Beauty 'New Mums Pampering Discovery' Box (mouthful,) and it was one of the reasons why I bought the box - I'd never tried any of Trilogy line and since my skin is sensitive, it's always great to test it first.

So what do I think? I've used this a multiple of ways; I mixed some (two drops) with my Origins Drink Up Intensive and slathered that on my face over night, it just adds an extra zing to an already great over night mask. I've tried it in the usual manner after applying serum  and using it instead of night moisturiser. I've also mixed one drop with my night moisturiser (this felt the best,) to give that an extra kick too. All methods work really well and my dry skin just adores it. I don't tend to use this during the day (all over the face, on small dry patches though, yes) as it feels too much to be able to use it under make up.

The best thing? This sample is supposed to be for seven days - and I've now been using it for two weeks. The results, and how a little goes a long way means a definite purchase of a full size pipette, even if it isn't as cute as this one!

Have you tried anything from the Trilogy line?



  1. I've been trying to find a good face oil for a long time, and heard that rosehip oil is supposed to be one of the best. So many benefits. Have you ever just tried regular rosehip oil? I will have to check this one out though.


    1. Rosehip oil is pretty amazing - particularly for redness and for hydrating - I would love to try out just the ol' 'regular' rosehip oil and am trying to find one that has a good write up (IE not buying blindly from ebay and it turns out to be olive oil... heh.)

      Escentual has the regular version of this reduced - by the by. :)

      thanks for stopping by!


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