Tuesday, 10 September 2013


It went around the blogosphere quite rapidly - a handful (perhaps two handfuls,) of bloggers introduced the new fragrance from Marc Jacobs, Honey and then also mentioned the competition taking place on instagram. I briefly mentioned this in my Saturday post, but I actually won a prize* from it. I don't know how many winners (although Google tells me 40 for the UK, I could be wrong,) there are, or how long it's running for but I figured I'd show my prize as it made me so happy - please don't think I'm bragging or showing off, as that's not in my nature, as this is a beauty blog it feels okay to mention a perfume even if I have won it.

The perfume itself is gorgeous and not just the bottle - it's base notes are; honey, golden vanilla, smooth woods. Mid notes are; orange blossom, peach nectar, apricot, honeysuckle. Top notes are; pear and mandarin.

It's really not a surprise I love it; orange blossom, vanilla, honeysuckle and mandarin are some of my favourite scents - it's definitely more on the fruity side, but it feels a bit more 'grown up' you could say with the smooth wood scents and honey. 

I also received a pretty logo bracelet which is also currently sitting pretty beside my perfume.

So, finally - thank you Marc Jacobs Fragrances - I completely love this prize & it was a lovely surprise to win one.


*Disclaimer; I took part in the #mjhoneyspots competition on my own free will, using my own instagram and my own photo - this is not a sponsored post, and I was not asked to blog about it by anyone from coty or Marc Jacobs Fragrances. 

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