Monday, 9 September 2013

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Happy Monday Lovelies!

The next few weeks are gonna be pretty hectic - so bare with me, I'll still be posting but as and when - I do not know. But enough of that boring business, it's Monday - so let's look at some pretty things from around the web.

First up - those tapered 'jogger' style trousers from Topshop. I know it's coming in chilly now and I'll probably be firmly wrapped up in denim on my lower half for the foreseeable future - but these would be perfect for an impromptu warmer day (they happen,) or for an evening out. The camis that Topshop currently stock are so flattering and I kind of want one (or two) in every colour.

Whilst still planning my little project, it doesn't hurt at looking at some loveliness for home - in particular these black skull tie backs. Not to mention the tongue in cheek print - need it.

For beauty findings and lustings this week - I'm hankering after a matte top coat and this O.P.I one seems to fit the bill. My skins feeling a little congested in the usual areas at the moment so a powerful cleansing mask (or masque) should do the trick!

I won't be around on instagram if you follow me (you should,) on that - I'm currently waiting for the new nexus 7 to arrive at my door (I wasn't after a new one, but my Madre wanted my one... so what you gonna do, right?)so that means no instagram. 

Here's hoping you have an amazing week ahead of you!



  1. Love love love those trousers and I'm desperate for a little cami top!

    1. I know they have similar in new look, asos and river island for slightly cheaper than topshop - and they have some cool colours too (although I'm partial to the grey that topshop stock.)

      Thanks for stopping by. :)



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