Saturday, 21 September 2013

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 Polka dot nails using a bobby pin, not bad! // My open uni U101 course pack arrived. Excited!
 Cutest sample, ever. Post here. // I made a Mediterranean tart - so so good. 
Best peanut butter & banana smoothie ever. // Cuddles with Scruffs.

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This week as predicted, passed really quickly in a hectic blurry mess. I'm currently plopped on the recliner in the most comfiest jumper I own, trying to stay awake. Regardless of that however, it has been a really good week - namely because I received my Open University module kit - including a little steel ruler, seriously I have never squealed so much when opening that package!

My two favorite posts this week are actually videos. One, from Lisa Eldridge - her make up look that she did for Rosie Huntington-Whitely for the cover of Glamour magazine with One Direction. It's a really beautiful look, all products used are drug store products too. 

The second is from the lovely Pixiwoo sisters, specifically Sam - who created this amazing blue/violet feathered look which would be insanely cool for Halloween so you don't have to do a full face of make up. 

I happen to know after Tuesday I'll get a bit of a break - I'm still waiting on Physio and my MRI scan, so fingers crossed I'll get appointments for those - my back is insanely bad at the moment. I cannot wait to get back to work!

Here's hoping you have an amazing weekend!


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