Thursday, 24 October 2013

Botanics Radiant Youth Super Serum

Way back in the day, I used to use serum after moisturiser. I realize that's a huge skincare faux-pas but I was young(er) and quickly learnt the error of my ways. These days I cannot get enough of the stuff and my skin feels wrong if I miss out this step.

I've mentioned the Super Facialist Neroli Serum before and this Botanics Radiant Youth Serum is quite similar in terms of what you'll get from using it.

It aims to protect skin from free radicals (which degrade skins elastin and collagen) so that you can have younger looking skin for longer. Once again I can't really say whether it has impact on any wrinkles but fine lines look reduced whilst skin has a healthy radiance too. It also doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and also feels quite moisturising. 

Definitely a serum to look for if your skins a little dull and not it's usual radiant self. 

Have you tried the Botanics Radiant Youth Serum?


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