Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September | Notes

Let's take a moment and kick back, go get a cup of tea or coffee. Maybe some rum. Time is flying by, perhaps because I'm older it feels like a month doesn't last a whole lot now? Either way - oh my goodness, it's October guys! 

Last month I mentioned I'd been to see a back specialist at a local-to-me city hospital who in turn then booked me in for an MRI scan (which hasn't happened yet,) and more physio but at my local hospital - which is only just happening, it starts tomorrow. I feel pretty grumpy about the whole thing and how long it's taken to come into place. I have to remain positive things are actually going somewhere now though.

I also mentioned last month a little To-Do list and I'm halfway there! The wall unit and runner that was in place (when a computer used to be in this nook,) has been ripped out and walls and the worktop/desk have been painted white. I'm leaving it white for a while - I quite like how more spacious it looks at the moment. I also need to get a few bits from Ikea still, but on the whole it looks so much more organized - more like a vanity and less like a computer desk. Score.

Baking has recently come back into my life - although I need help putting it into the oven, there's nothing from stopping me rolling out pastry and serving up some pie. I was quite pleased this one came out so beautifully. I also made banana and oat muffins - they were delightful. 

Uni has officially started for Josh and I, obviously me at home on my laptop can be distracting but I find myself not wanting to go off and window shop - I've found that I am pretty good at keeping to the task at hand. Which I'm proud of myself for.

Apart from that nothing much else has happened. I've acquired all my bits for my Autumn wardrobe; lots of light knitwear and a two new shirts/blouses. I'm all set - although that probably won't stop a cheeky purchase or two in the near future!

If you're wondering who's the cutie in the picture - that's my dog Scruffy. We didn't name him, by the way. Also please don't comment on his eye - the vet called it Cherry Eye and it's nothing to worry about, it's just one of his quirky little features. ;)

All that remains to be said is have an awesome October - normal posting will resume tomorrow if you're not a fan of these rants - and I'd love to hear what's happened to you guys over September. 


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