Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Smokin' | MUA Smokin' Palette

When I picked up the MUA Matte Palette not so long ago, MUA had also released another palette around the same time. Having since fallen in love with the matte goodness I then set my sights on the ever so beautiful Smokin' Palette...

Much like the matte palette, you get ten shades although four of these shades are matte the rest are jewel or nude toned shimmers. Unlike the matte palette, you also get an eye pencil that is super crazy pigmented, creamy to work with, yet does not budge. It's almost like a gel liner/pencil hybrid. It'd probably be worth the £6 all on its own it's that amazing.

 From L to R; Glory, Boudoir, Ghost, Fantasy.
 From L to R; Mythical, Broken, Icon, Unleash.
From L to R; Chaos, Wicked and Black Smoke (eye pencil.)

All of the eye shadows are of the usual MUA standard; pigmented, blend-able and a dream to work with. It always pays to use a primer though to make sure the colours last as long as possible. It's also worth mentioning there was zero fall out with the brighter shimmers. 

My favourites of the bunch? Ghost (a dove grey,) and Icon (deep purple,) go wonderfully together as does Chaos (metallic emerald,) and Wicked (grey shimmer.) But I think a huge play around is in order - I actually think it'd be awesome to mix some of the bright blue with the purple to do a really popping smokey eye. 

Have you tried the MUA Smokin' Palette?



  1. I reviewed this on my blog too - it's love! And a dupe for the Urban Decay Smoked x

    1. I just took a look at your post - it is a very good dupe for the smoked palette! :)

  2. I got this palette and can't stop to try it out! :)

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    2. It really is a great palette. :)


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