Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Ultimate Blush | #2

Remember when I mentioned my favourite ever blusher? Well it has a new partner in crime...

A proper cream blush (one that doesn't dry to powder,) the Max Factor Creamy Blush in Soft Pink is my new favourite go to. The fact a little can be dabbed on and then blended out, or layer up for a slightly brighter look without it looking cakey and giving a slight glow is a complete winner in my books. 

As mentioned before with Soft Murano, the longevity on these blushers are amazing and I don't feel the need to top up at all during the day. This might differ if you're out on the town but the bonus about that is the packaging is light and plastic so no accidental breakages unless you drop it (hard) after a few too many mojitos (in which case, don't apply make up drunk.)

You know what? I'll probably be picking up Soft Candy too. 

Have you tried the Max Factor Creamy Blush?


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