Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday Activities

There are just some routines that can't be broken and mine is a Sunday. The whole day feels like a very luxurious yet proactive routine. One that usually involves brunch...
I might have said luxurious and proactive, but there's still a lazy element. Sundays are the best days for catch ups under blankets in bed, am I right? Regardless I always start with make up brush cleaning and my god there is something so therapeutic about cleaning make up brushes, having them all lying in a little row and one by one putting them in another row. I mean, I'm not anal, but cleaning brushes? My one mildly obsessive vice. 

This is the part where I usually do something; go out shopping (a very rare occurrence on a Sunday, usually reserved for lack of bread emergencies and the like...) or go out for a meal, the past few weeks as I'm a little pauper it usually just involves the moors and the dogs. This activity is usually followed by a delicious meal, hence the brunch. 

Next on the agenda; the pampering sessions. I take these sessions very seriously, face masks (a triple threat,) and the usual manicure/pedicure bumf. This week I'm cracking out the glitters to jazz up my currently appalling nails. 

Lastly; chill out, relax, have a snooze. Sunday evenings are best reserved for TV catch up (The Walking Dead, hello!) and keeping under the blankets for as long as possible. Best day ever.

What do you do on a Sunday?


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