Saturday, 26 October 2013

This Week | instagram #34

 That time of the week again. // Nuxe delivery! Amazing honey-scented delights!
Cutest baggy ever! // Dealing with colds and flu. First illness of the season.

That bug took a lot longer than anticipated to get over, the whole family went down like flies, really fast this time around. Kinda hoping that's it for this year illness wise; last year I was ill from Christmas eve and way past new years. I missed out on so much (namely food let's be honest,) from being delirious and just plain sick I'd hate to repeat it again this year.

I finally feel nearly back to my usual self, I just have a cough now (still gross,) but I've missed out on a bit since being away, namely uni work but I'll catch up over the coming days. On a bright note I have caught up on all the films I wanted to watch and some old favourites too. 

So at least something got done. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend and finally, if you are going to any Halloween parties this weekend, enjoy!


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