Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide | For Her | Under £50

It's time now for the ladies, all these gifts are under £50 and there's a little variety in here depending on who you're buying for too...
Smith & Canova Leather Makeup Bag, £22: A bit of a 'luxe' makeup bag that comes in a few amazing colours, a complete must for a beauty addict - especially if they are as anal about storage like me!

Cashmere Socks, £15: It's a bit of a running joke that I am a huge sock fan in my household, even if I do end up wearing odd socks on bleary winter mornings. These cashmere ones look super gorgeous and cosy for winter snugglings and blanket days. 

Orla Kiely Plant Pot, £20: I am one of those folks who dabble in gardening very few times a year but for the ladies that are keen green fingered types, this gorgeous grey plant pot would be perfect for keeping their indoor plants stylish. 

Harlequin Stripe Tablet Case, £21: For the tech fans, this gorgeous tablet case will protect it from scratches and generally keep it safe if you're in transit. It's colours will definitely cheer you up on a grey winters day too.

STACKERS Jewelry Box, £20: A gorgeous blue/grey jewelry box if your lady or friend has quite the collection, these are in a range full of 'STACKER' solutions so you could also mix and match with different colours too. 

Neal's Yard Mother Gift Box, £35: Perfect for a new, old, or any kind of mother who needs a treat, or even a friend who works super hard, this set contains a bath oil, massage oil and balm so they can have a truly amazing pamper with this little lot.

That is it once again for today, as mentioned before I will be resuming normal beauty related posts next week, I hope you do not mind. I also hope you get inspired by this little gift guide I'm creating over the coming week; especially if you have people that are always hard to buy for.



  1. The plant pot is so cute, I need some Orla Kiely in my life and I don't care in what form! I can see my mum loving something like that Neil's Yard set, I usually buy her Sanctuary Spa stuff, maybe it's time for her to go up in life... but mostly in the body care stakes xx

    Amy / srslylou

    1. I bought my mum a Neals Yard set once upon a time and she adored it! L'Occitane also have pretty lush gift sets too though. Especially their almond/amande range - so gorgeous! :)


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