Saturday, 16 November 2013

This Week | instagram #37

 Omelette time! // Thor and a glass of Vino. Why not? 
 Gaming with my nephew, Thomas. // Blackened navy nails. Swooning.
 Not impressed at a dentist appointment! // Doodling for uni work.
The best Mocha I've ever had. // My new baby! A red GH1.

This week has been a little different on the blog this week and I hope you all don't mind! I find it really therapeutic organizing buying gifts at Christmas so doing a little guide at what's around for different price points was quite pleasing. Normal beauty related posts will be resuming as of Monday and I've got a lot to talk about!

I started my first round of acupuncture this week (it was different, to say this least,) and a horrifying dental appointment that lead to me literally crying on the chair. I won't go into details, but just know I'm not one for crying in public situations usually... it was just horrible. 

However, I have had a good week in general. Uni work for my first 'proper' TMA (Teacher Marked Assignment,) is nearly complete and I got my marks back from the first one (a decent 77, not bad apparently,) but I'm looking forward to actually finishing. Anyone else get anxious during assignments?

I also received my birthday present a little early from Josh, a new camera. It's the same as his (Panasonic GH1,) but in a really pretty maroon red. I'm in love. 

Here's to an amazing weekend!



  1. sophh. you are a pain in the neck. where are you these days.unless your avoiding me. anyway I hope you get this message. my phone number is still the same,07591551994. text me unless you dontt wish to. I am your stalker.


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